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Help support our cause by joining us at our 89th Annual 30 Club Charity Ball or by donating below.


The proceeds from the 2021 "30" Club Charity Ball will benefit the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center.

 "A better way to protect the children of Pueblo" was the mission of the Pueblo Child Protection Task Force, a small group of dedicated and concerned individuals who created the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center. In 1985, this mission led the Task Force to Bud Cramer, the creator of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) model. After hearing about Bud's Multidisciplinary Team approach and child-friendly investigation process, the team knew they wanted to create a Child Advocacy Center in Pueblo, but it was an ambitious goal. 


The Task Force used seminars to educate and create collaboration among all Pueblo entities involved in child protection. The Task Force then traveled to the first Child Advocacy Center, in Huntsville, Alabama, where they learned firsthand how to implement this new and innovative program. Upon their return, it only took two weeks to convince the Pueblo Police Department and the Department of Social Services that a CAC Model would be a viable option. The first unofficial Pueblo Child Advocacy Center was opened on Denver Blvd. in 1986. It was a humble beginning with medical exams performed on a cot and toiletries brought in from Task Force member's own homes, but it was a start.


It wasn't long before it was clear they were going to need a bigger and better home to meet the growing utilization of the center. The 13th and Court location was offered to a newly created board of directors for a nominal cost and the official Pueblo Child Advocacy Center was created. Our center was the 6th Child Advocacy Center in the Nation and the 1st in Colorado.


In addition to pioneering child advocacy in Colorado, our founders also helped shape the care for child abuse victims across the United States by working closely with the Board of Child Advocacy Centers, now known as the National Children's Alliance. 

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